About Us-old

At Morgan Books we do things a little differently. As a new company we aren’t engrained in the methods and processes of old. Therefore we are easily able to bring a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective to the publishing industry.

We work collectively as a team in all areas of the services we provide. We aren’t a group of independent Literary Agents competing under the same roof.

The choice to represent a book is a collective decision that we all provide input into.
When you submit a book project to us, you are submitting it to our whole team, not just one individual.
Our philosophy on the process that you, as a writer, goes through is that the traditional way of doing things is broken.
We believe that a query letter is an ineffective way of determining the ability and quality of you as a writer – at least for the purpose of a novel. The ability to write a good query letter is an entirely different type of writing and not one that necessarily means that you’re able to write a good book (or not).
At Morgan Books we don’t accept query letters. We have a unique application form that walks you through exactly what information we want to know – no guess work, no trying to profile the agent you’re querying and no time wasted on making sure you’re using the right font, size, line spacing and margins!
We feel that the lack of response and feedback that most authors get is extremely unfair. You’ve spent a huge amount of time and put in a terrific amount of effort to create your book and get it submitted for representation consideration. At very least you deserve to know where in the process your book is at.
At Morgan Books we provide an Authors Only members area that has a confidential tracking and feedback system that allows you to see exactly where your book is at in our system. There’s no guessing or wondering involved.
As we are just getting the ball rolling, we can’t yet predict what volume of submissions we will be receiving or how long it might take us to work through the submissions we do receive. As we collect this data we will for sure share it with our authors.
It is our goal to be completely transparent with open lines of communication.
We hope you’ll enjoy the journey with us!