Not finished your book yet? We want you now…

A common mistake of new authors is to wait until their book is finished before they start looking at any other component of publishing their book.

Ideally, if you’ve started writing a book, the time to start setting up your online presence, building an audience and doing marketing is now.

There’s a huge learning curve to publishing a book – whether you’re self-publishing or working with a publishing house. There’s also a ton of work to be done in either case and it takes time to build and nurture an online presence and build an audience.

Not only can this be started before you finish your book, you SHOULD start it before. Otherwise you’re just delaying the entire process a good 6-12 months.

So if you don’t have an author website and author social media accounts yet, you need them now – no matter where you’re at in your book writing process.

Not sure how to do this? Or what to do? We can help. We offer affordable website and social media services to get you up and running quickly as well as offering guidance on what you should be doing with them. We’ll get you going and teach you how to keep it going.

Don’t wait, causing major delays in gaining momentum. Contact us today!

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