We are able to offer all of the necessary services to take your book from first draft to bestseller. We are also able to customize our representation of authors to meet specific needs on varying levels. We work on contingency and the start base of all of our contracts is that we pay authors a 50% royalty of net sales. This percentage can be adjusted up or down depending on the specific needs of the authors we represent, which will be determined during contract negotiation after we offer an author representation.

There is no cost to submit a book for representation consideration and there are NO up-front fees.

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What does it mean to get representation by Morgan Books?

  1. We do NOT charge any up front fees
  2. We also do NOT provide any book deal “advances”
  3. We only work directly with ePublishing and PoD options
  4. We can act as your Literary Agent should a print publisher decide to make you an offer as a result of our ePublishing efforts (but there is no obligation on your part to go through us as an agent)
  5. You retain all rights to your work
  6. Authors earn 50% royalties on net sales.
  7. Each contract is negotiated and customized based on the needs of each individual author.

What exactly does our team at Morgan Books do for you?

Upon reaching an agreement of representation, we will provide you with a detailed check-list/plan of the steps involved and an estimated timeline to completion. All work that we do on your book is completed in conjunction “with” you as the author. You will always have a part in all decisions made regarding every aspect of the process to getting your book published and working its way to the bestseller charts. The specific services we provide can include, but are not limited to:

  • Copy Editing
  • Content Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Creation and implementation of marketing materials such as: press releases, social media accounts and post schedules, website, teaser video, digital ads through free outlets
  • Creation, monitoring and reporting of distribution accounts through various online retailers
  • Creation of book cover
  • Full digital formatting and testing of various formats for various eReaders
  • Online presence plan and implementation, including blogs and membership sites
  • Submission to multiple organizations and review lists
  • Scheduling of blog tours and online events

This is not an exhaustive list, as new angles and outlets arise daily, but it gives a pretty good indication on the level of effort we will be putting into your project. A high level of participation and input throughout the process of all of our services is expected from you.

In addition to our standard services there would be options available, completely at our mutual discretion, for additional external services – such as paid advertising or custom cover artwork.  Options like this would be mutually discussed and negotiated, as they arise, based on an agreement of how the hard costs for such services would be handled and recouped.

We are very committed to your success, as it is also a measure of our success.  With this model, you the author and Morgan Books the publisher maintain an equal vested interest in the success of the project. It’s a win-win for everyone.