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Thank you for checking out our social media profile and choosing to see what exactly we’re all about by visiting our website.

There’s really two sides to our company 1) readers and 2) authors

For each side we offer a free Membership and a free email Newsletter. Click either Readers or Authors below to expand the details for the one most relevant to you.

To sign up for a Membership see the appropriate section below.

To sign up for our Non-Member Newsletter you can use the form in our sidebar (to the right on computers and at the bottom of the page on mobile devices). For our Readers and Authors Newsletters you’ll be given the form to sign up after you have setup your Membership.


Our readers can choose the Non-member route and can sign up for our Non-member Newsletter so that they will receive a small number of emails regarding some of the upcoming book releases and the recently released books.

Or, our readers can choose to sign up for our free Readers Membership and upgrade to our free Readers Newsletter. This will provide access to all the current (and future) features we offer to our readers. Plus you’ll also get a few more emails each month than our Non-members that will offer book reviews, special offers, discounts and information.

In our Readers Membership Section you’ll find a Forum designed to engage conversations about recent reads as well as the ability to participate in our Book Club selection of the month. You’ll also find our Book Review section. You must have a membership to access these sections of our website. You can sign up with the form below.



If you’re an author who:

  • is ready to submit a new book project
  • wants to get representation
  • is interested in starting out a published career through digital publishing (with the possibility of print options later)

Then you’ll want to sign up for our free Author Membership, start working on our submission application and start receiving our Authors Newsletter. As you read through our site you’ll start to see how our philosophy and approach to publishing is rather unique to the industry standards. We encourage you to check out each of the pages we provide to really get a feel for who we are and what we do – we’re pretty confident that you’ll be pleasantly surprised. You can also jump right in by signing up for your Author Membership with the form below:

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