Submission Criteria

In order for us to be able to offer you the best, most passionate representation possible it’s important that we are captivated by your work.
To that end, we’ve come up with some criteria to help you get a better feel for how we operate. Please read all the information before making a decision – nothing is gained by assumptions.
  1. At the moment, our primary focus is in the fiction genres of:
    • SciFi/Fantasy
    • Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
    • Romance
    • Will consider all genres even though they aren’t our primary focus

  2. Word count – as a general rule of thumb you’re probably going to be looking at anywhere between 40,000 and 100,000 words. But this is not carved in stone. Your word count should be the words you need to tell your story.  It shouldn’t be butchered to cut it down and it shouldn’t be fluffed up to extend it out. When you (or friends and family) read it, if it feels like something is missing, then something probably is; if it feels like it never ends, it’s probably too long. Make sure that you don’t have major plot holes or loose ends and make sure that everything you’ve included is actually relevant and necessary.

  3. You must be passionate and animated about your work. If you’re just tossing it out there for the hell of it, with no real care about what happens, we’re not the company for you.

  4. You must be willing to put the time in. We understand that many authors work by day and write by night, and we’re willing to work with that. But when we choose to represent an author and their book we are forming a partnership. It is the blood, sweat and tears of everyone involved who will make or break the success meter.

  5. You must be coachable and open minded. We aren’t going to dictate that you must cut X number of words or that you have to rearrange chapters etc.  However, part of our job is to help you polish your book to the best that it can be.  We will make suggestions to improve the overall book – we expect sincere consideration on these suggestions. If you disagree with a suggestion, we will expect a discussion with valid reasoning as to why.

When we’re reviewing books this is the order of what we look at:

  1. Does the topic interest us? (Just because it’s the right genre, doesn’t mean we’re interested in all niches of that genre.)
  2. Does the application inspire us?
  3. Can we get a feel for who you are and your level of passion in your work?
  4. Do you come across as open and flexible or closed and rigid?
  5. Did the first paragraph get our attention and leave us wanting more?
  6. Did the first chapter keep us engaged and moving forward?
  7. Did we have trouble putting down the full MS?
  8. What emotions did we experience with the full MS?
Having said all of this, we will be expanding our selections and horizons down the road. So if your project is outside of these criteria, feel free to still complete our application but please understand that it might take longer for us to assess and consider your application. You will still have the same access to see what the status is of your application and you can revoke your application at any point if you find another firm to represent you.
Most importantly, be open and transparent in your application. If you simply tell us what you “think” we want to hear and our verification of the information proves it to be untrue, you will lose all credibility with us and that will be immediate grounds for us declining your project. Plus, if you end up wasting a significant portion of our time, you could very well find yourself receiving a bill. “Honesty costs you nothing, a lie can cost you everything.”

To practice what we preach on transparency, let’s talk about the kind of people that we would NOT like to work with.

  • If you’re simply looking for someone to publish your book, without having to put any work in with a publisher and enjoying the business advantages we offer, we’re not the right company for you.
  • If you have a somewhat impractical idea, something that’s way out there, that is appealing to you, but is probably not going to appeal to a mainstream market or even a well-defined niche market, then you’re not for us.
  • If you have something that involves things that go outside the mainstream morals and values of society, that’s possibly socially unacceptable to an extreme, there are plenty of other publishers. We’re all for freedom of expression; but we’re not for you.
Remember, none of this is to say that projects that fall into these areas are no good – it’s simply that WE need to be captivated by your work and we need to have some level of personal interest in what your book is about. These last points are areas that don’t currently interest our team.